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Fly Ash , price , grade standard , color , composition , etc.

Fly Ash , price , grade standard , color , composition , etc.

2013-08-26 00:00

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From the flue gas after combustion of coal in the closing down of fine ash catch called fly ash, coal-fired power plant fly ash is discharged from the main solid waste. Combustion fly ash : coal in the furnace combustion in suspension , in the vast majority of combustible coal can be burned in the furnace , and pulverized in a non-combustible material ( mainly ash ) mixed in a large temperature the flue gases. These non-combustible by partially melted by the high temperature , and due to the action of surface tension , form a large number of small spherical particles. In the rear of the boiler exhaust fan lead role , contains a lot of ash in the flue gas flow to the furnace tail. With decreasing flue gas temperature , in part due to the molten fine particles was quenched by a certain degree of vitreous state to a higher potential activity . Before the flue gas into the atmosphere Fan , these small spherical particles , after dust is separated , and collect the ash . Fly ash is one of the larger amount of industrial waste in our country , our country has reached this stage in the amount of slag 30 million . With the development of power industry , fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants every year. A lot of fly ash not addressed , it will generate dust , pollution of the atmosphere ; into the water if the river will cause blockage of toxic chemicals which can also cause harm to humans and creatures.

Therefore , processing and utilization of fly ash caused widespread attention.

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