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Cenosphere psi compressive characteristics

Now a new type of material on the market is widely applied , strongly welcomed by the people that fly ash cenospheres , it is not only the end of the manufacturing costs , but also the rational use of waste , which is characterized by very much, pulverized coal ash cenospheres also resistant to hydrostatic strength you know? Follow Eternal bleaching plant together to look at it !

Cenospheres as byproducts of coal-fired power plants , as a reducing agent for the role of fluids into the well operations such as cement slurry , to be subject to the three-dimensional hydrostatic pressure . To this end developed a hydrostatic pressure meter , measured 2 ~ 40 MPa both cenospheres rupture rate, as an anti- hydrostatic strength index , and the influence of factors .

Experimental rupture rate Cenosphere A and B under hydrostatic pressure of 10 MPa up to 28.27% and 20.94%, 40 MPa up to 49.37% and 41.09% , is noteworthy . Particle size and particle size distribution has no effect on fracture rates. Cenospheres high CaO content A, CaCO3 diffraction peaks appear in the X -ray diffraction curve , so a high CaO content of the anti- static pressure strength cenospheres non-essential factors. Cenosphere main factors should be physical - geometrical parameters, including wall thickness , thickness uniformity, sphericity , surface smoothness, local stress concentration such as generating fusion poor .

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